26 Sunday B

1)    "Could you not have tolerated him for just one meal?"    

 There is legend told about Abraham, the grand patriarch of the Jews, in the Mideast. According to the legend, Abraham always held off eating his breakfast each morning until a hungry person came along to share it with him. One day an old man came along, and, of course, Abraham invited him to share his breakfast with him. However, when Abraham heard the old man say a pagan blessing over his food, he jumped up and ordered the old man out from his table, and from   his  house.  Almost immediately, God   spoke to Abraham.  Abraham! Abraham! I have been supplying that unbeliever with food every day for the past eighty years. Could  you not have  tolerated him for just one meal?"  We are all children  of God,  and,  hence, we  have  to  love  and  tolerate  everyone,  as explained in todays first reading and  the gospel. (Jack McArdle).