From Fr. Jude Botelho:
The first reading from the Book of Exodus describes the journey of the Israelites through the desert. They had suffered terribly under the Egyptians, who treated them as slaves. Moses had led them out with the assurance that the Lord would provide for them. But as they journeyed across the desert the Israelites grumbled against Moses. "Why did you bring us out of Egypt, to die of hunger and thirst in this inhospitable land?" The reactions of the Israelites are often our own when we are faced with new challenges and unknown situations as we journey through life. We prefer to retreat, we prefer our past addictions and habits even though they may have kept us in bondage. Instead of surrendering to God, we let our desires and the past control our lives.

17 Sunday B - Multiplication

From Fr. Tony Kadavil's Collection:
Anecdote #1 “No my son, the pigs of my village don’t pray before meals!” Monsignor Arthur Tonne has a funny story on today’s gospel lesson. A village farmer stopped at a restaurant in the nearby town and sat near a group of young fellows who were acting up, shouting at the cook and heckling the waitress. When his meal was set before him the old farmer bowed his head to offer a prayer. One of the smart-alecks thought he would have some fun with the old farmer. So he shouted in a loud voice that could be heard by everyone, “Hey, Pop, does everyone do this where you come from?” Calmly the old man turned towards the lad with an innocent smile and replied in an equally loud voice: “No son, our pigs don’t.” Today’s gospel tells us that before feeding the five thousand Jesus took the loaves of bread, gave thanks (to God his Father) and distributed them.

16 Sunday B - Relax in the Lord

From the Connections:

The apostles return from their first mission of preaching and healing and report to Jesus.  He gathers them in a “deserted” place, but the people find them and keep coming.  Even their attempt to escape by boat to the other side of the lake is foiled once word gets out.

15 Sunday B - Sent out for Mission

From the Connections:THE WORD:
In today’s Gospel, the Twelve – each of whom has been called personally by Jesus – are given the title of apostle – “one who is sent.”  These unlikely candidates for such a task are carefully prepared and taught by Jesus for this moment.  They undertake their first preaching and healing tour depending only on God for their inspiration and on the charity of others for their needs -- remember that hospitality was considered a sacred responsibility in the east: it was not up to the stranger to seek hospitality but up to the prospective host to offer it.