26 Sunday A

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

The prophet Ezekiel was noted for stressing the personal responsibility of  individuals for their behaviour and in today's reading he drives this point home. Israel's common experience was that they were a community, the people of God. If they were saved they were saved as a nation and if they were punished it was because they had sinned as a community. The prophet Ezekiel also wished to emphasize the other aspect as well, namely that we are also individually responsible for our actions. The way we are living now matters in the eyes of God, not so much our past actions. Even though we have been baptized, if we are living in sin we stand condemned. On the other hand, no matter how often we have fallen, if today we are repentant sinners, God is ever ready to forgive and accepts us as his children. 

25 Sunday A

From Fr. Jude Botelho:
A cry we often hear from people's lips is: "It's not fair!? We tend to believe that the way we are treated is not fair; we are not getting what we deserve. Other people seem to get all the benefits they don?t deserve. It?s not fair! Deep down we have to admit that we are not happy when people get more than they deserve. The truth is God is not fair! He gives all more than they deserve! Have a grateful weekend thanking God for his goodness to all peoples! Fr. Jude

24 Sunday A

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

In the first reading Sirach insists that anger and resentment are hateful things. He also admonishes us to show mercy towards others, since we look to God to have mercy for ourselves. If we hold on to resentment and anger against others who have hurt us, how can we demand compassion from God? And if we show no pity for a fellow human being, how can we plead for pity for ourselves? We make it difficult for ourselves to receive God’s forgiveness if we do not want to forgive.

23 Sunday A

1.     Fr. Jude Botelho 

The reading refers to a primitive kind of police, the watchman who stood on the Palestinian hills and blew his trumpet to warn of invaders. Prophets like Ezekiel saw themselves as watchmen over the spiritual dangers that threatened God's people. Ezekiel reminds us that if my brother does something wrong to me I have to take responsibility for his/her actions as a believer. If I do not do so I will be held accountable for his behaviour and action. Today, much evil is done because good people prefer to be silent or say "It is none of my business!" As Christians it becomes our business to respond to every situation with faith and love.