Epiphany - Manifestation of the Lord

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

Today’s first reading is from Isaiah who reminds the people that the time has come for their liberation for the Lord is coming with his light to enlighten all nations. He also tells them that God has come not only for them but for all those who live in darkness. “For the Lord will arise upon you and his glory will appear over you.” The exiled Jews are pictured as returning to their homeland and as they come they bring back the wealth of the nations. The point that is being made is that salvation coming from God is for all people and not restricted to the Jews. God is for all who look for him and receive him. All people will be saved.

Holy Family

Fr. Jude Botelho:

The first reading reminds us of duties of children towards their parents, the duty of respecting and obeying parents, authority that stands in the place of God. As people under authority we sometimes like to question our superiors and their decisions, we feel we know better and perhaps we do. Jesus the son of God was the obedient son of Mary and Joseph. He was the obedient son of God. “My food is to do the will of my Father in Heaven”. In these days when authority is questioned there is still place for obedience in our lives.

Christmas - More Illustrations

Collection from Fr. Tony Kadavil and Others

1) Origin of the Christmas celebration: Many scholars believe that Christmas came to be placed on December 25th in order to counteract a pagan celebration called the Birth of the Unconquered Sun, a feast established by the Roman Emperor, Aurelian, in AD 274.  Since December 25th was around the date of the winter solstice (the year’s shortest day, after which the days begin to lengthen again showing the victory of the sun over darkness), it was chosen as the date of rejoicing.  When Christianity was approved as the official religion of the Roman Empire, the Church chose this day to celebrate the birth of the true Sun – the Son of God Who conquers the power of darkness.  

Christmas 2018

Fr Jude Botelho:

Dear Friend,

Christmas is here and we are called to celebrate. Have we prepared ourselves for His coming?  Whether we are ready or not, He is ready and willing to come to us if only we let him into our hearts. He is in our midst; His name is Emmanuel, God with us!

May his word open our eyes, May his Spirit open our hearts! Have a holy and happy Christmas!

Advent 4 Sunday C: Mary and Elizabeth

1. Two Kids on an anti-Christmas Campaign

The big celebration begins, a festival of light and love, of joy and laughter, of family and community and world. Light is mentioned almost twenty times in the course of today's liturgy. On one of the darkest days of the year, light explodes all around us. The sun is sneaking back, just as Jesus kind of sneaked into the world in the quiet of Bethlehem.  

Advent 3 Sunday C - Gaudete - Rejoice

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

In the first reading the prophet Zephaniah invites the Israelites to shout for joy: “Rejoice, exult with all your heart, daughter of Jerusalem. The Lord has repealed your sentence. The King of Israel is in your midst; you have nothing to fear.” Christianity is a religion of Joy and if we are not happy Christians there is something wrong with our faith. Even when there is nothing in particular to rejoice about in our own lives, we can still rejoice that the Lord has been good to our fellow human beings, to our community, to our world. Those who seek will always discover the marvels the Lord has done and is doing for us. We rejoice because the Lord himself rejoices over us. We are his beloved in whom he is well pleased.

Advent 2 Sunday C - Prepare the Way of the Lord

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

In the first reading the prophet Baruch admonishes the people to take off their garments of mourning and put on festive ones because God will reveal himself in their midst. The people thought God had abandoned them because of their infidelities. Baruch tells his people, “Arise Jerusalem and turn your eyes to the east, be jubilant because God has remembered his people.” God has decreed the flattening of every high mountain, the filling of the valleys to make level ground so that Israel can walk in safety. We on our own may find mountains of obstacles, but He will help us to overcome every barrier because He is our God, with us and for us.