4th Sunday of Lent C - Prodigal Son - I found him!

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

Today's first reading from the book of Joshua highlights the history of salvation of God's chosen people. Moses had led the people out of Egypt; now Joshua would lead them into the Promised Land. God had fed his people as they journeyed with manna from heaven, now that they have reached the land of promise, manna is replaced by products of the land. God ceases to be a pilgrim; he takes the risk of binding himself to

institutions.  Today's reading reminds us that no matter what difficulties we encounter on life's journey, we too can make it with the help of God. The only thing we need is persistence and faith that God never abandons us.

Lent 3 Sunday C - Repentance & Renewal

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

Moses had fled Egypt and was working as a shepherd with his father-in-law Jethro. As he grazed his flock near Horeb, he comes across a strange sight of a bush which is burning without being consumed. As he draws near he encounter’s God who reveals himself and asks him to go on a mission to liberate his people from slavery in Egypt. God has strange and surprising ways of revealing himself to us and sometimes this encounter can change our lives. Every vision opens up a new mission. Moses was reluctant to go on God’s mission; he felt inadequate and needed reassurances from God. We too are the same, but if God sends us on a mission he also empowers us to act in His name. If we fail he gives us a second chance. 

Lent 2 C - Transfiguration

From The Connections:

“Les Miserables”
The epic film Les Miserables, based on the Victor Hugo novel and the international stage sensation, is a story of grace and redemption, of compassion and mercy.

Lent 1 C - Temptations

From Fr. Jude Botelho:

The readings of this Sunday contrast the power of good with the power of evil. God is all goodness and God's power is at work for all and in all who believe in him. The reading reminded the Israelites to rejoice and to celebrate God's blessings through the joyful participation of their rituals. The Preface of the mass during the Lenten season calls Lent the joyful season! Lent is not a time to look at ourselves and examine our weaknesses but a time when we look up to the Lord and see all that He has done for us. The turning away from our sinfulness becomes meaningful only when we have turned towards the Lord.