18 Sunday C - True Riches

-A man meeting a genie; 
Three wishes; $1B, pooh a piece of paper with a bank acc. no., a red Ferrari and there it was. Make me irresistible to women; pooh,  he becomes a box of chocolates.
-TV interviewer to a woman: who is your favorite author? My husband. And what does he write? Checks.

17 Sunday C - Teach us to Pray

From Fr. Jude Botelho

The first reading introduces us to Abraham as he intercedes with God for the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. What strikes us immediately is the tone of the conversation between Abraham and God. It certainly implies a relationship. Firstly, we see Abraham pleading not for himself but for the needs of others. Secondly, what comes across through the reading is the belief that good people matter and have a tremendous influence on others. Thirdly, we see that Abraham perseveres in his pleading with the Lord. The point of the passage is not that prayer changes God but rather that prayer gives us a share in His power and definitely, that prayer changes us so that we can accept whatever is God's will for us.

16 Sunday C - Mary and Martha

Fr. Jude Botelho:

Today's first reading from Genesis describes God's homely visit to the house of Abraham and the warm welcome and generous hospitality God receives from Abraham. God appears in the garbs of three strangers who are passing by in front of Abraham's tent as he relaxes at mid-day. He does not recognize the divine visitors immediately but he goes out of his way to welcome them into his home and to offer them the best meal he can offer to make them comfortable.

15 Sunday C - Good Samaritan

Fr. Jude  Botelho:

In the first reading from the Book of Deuteronomy Moses reminds his people of the observance of the law. As the Israelites reach the end of their journey to the promised land Moses cautions them about being faithful to the covenant and the observance of the law. Keeping the covenant requires hearing the voice of the Lord and loving that Lord with all the heart, soul and strength. There is a deliberate mention of the 'Shema' prayer, the central expression of the Jewish faith. The law is not something far away but something very near, written not on a scroll but in the mouth and heart of the believer.

14 Sunday C - The Kingdom of God is Near

Fr. Jude Botelho:

We are reminded that the work of proclamation and salvation is a joint partnership with God. Each one of us called and invited to be sharers of the Good news. But while God chooses us, he does not depend on us to fulfill our mission on our own strength. He will not work without our consent nor is our fulfillment of our
mission dependent on our capability. He is at work in us! Let's rejoice that we are called to be His peacemakers in today's world! Have a 'peace-filled, peace-sharing' weekend! Shalom!